Hi There! We are glad you are here. THANK YOU!
Welcome to our family: Mandala: the power of sharing.
We are a Healthy. Healing. Living company that believes nature knows best.
Mandala is a place where innovation meets tradition in harmony with the environment. Gourmet natural healing products from our farms to your hand. Designed to make you feel and look good.
We are specialized in carbon neutral specialty coffee, cacao and chocolate, Malas and anything good for our soul.
We want to contribute to a healthier, more conscious, artful way of living. Soul food that makes you feel delicious!!! Yes… delicious.

Mandala is a big family and we want you to be a part of us!

Farmers, designers, yoga/meditation teachers, baristas and customers that believe in the power of sharing their passion, knowledge and love with their community, country, world in a mindful way. We want to share our knowledge, stories, procedures, experiences, meditation techniques, with YOU.
Join the party! Let’s make some magic, enjoy life, people around us, and be great-FULL.
Want to know more? Need more information? Please ask us questions! Check out our website or email us at info@mandalaom.com. We can't wait to hear from you!
- Founder and Creative director-Certified Yogi- Coffeeholic-Adventure seeker-



Simplement LOVETARIAN.

You can call me Misha; which means the power of sharing. My art is my style. Life is like tango. I am moon dancer with a tropical soul. Fashion designer, daughter, image consultant, sister, certified yogi, coffeelover, friend, addicted to art, adventure seeker, reiki believer, just a girl looking to share her passions and essence with the world. Michelle de Matheu creative director of Michelle de Matheu prêt-à-porter and MANDALA the power of sharing. "I believe in giving more and expecting less." La norme is ennuyeusse.



A Southern chica with passport in purse, she is always ready to take on any exciting adventure that comes her way.  She is enthusiastic about life, friends, family, coffee, fashion, food, travel and yoga.  Julie is a professional daydreamer and lover of laughter, with a creative and entrepreneurial spirit that lights her inner fire and a true believer in making this world a better place.  By day she works in renewable energy and on the weekends you can find her helping out at the family’s recycling business.    
 Favorite Quote:  “What is love? Love is the absence of judgment.” – Dalai Lama



I'm Manu, life has taken me down many paths, designer, photographer, producer, among many professions, have had the joy of working in several countries and all take a little me, wolf on full moon nights, sorcerer in days off, still looking for more adventure, meet people, religions, ideas, what stands in the way. FQ: "No, I would not want to live in a world without dragons, as I would not want to live in a world without magic, for that is a world without mystery, and that is a world without faith." R.A. Salvatore



My name is Angie. However, for my dad I will always be SARA that  means harmony, originality and perfection.  I come from a town called Turriabla, Costa Rica. I’m an architect, dreamer, jewelry designer, owner of MIME sea and animal lover, MILO’S mama… Milo is my 1 year-old chihuawa. My  stepmom is GAIA and that’s why I feel a deep connection with quartz, minerals, rocks and crystals… and well in the end we are stardust aren’t we? Everything starts and ends in your mind.



Wellness Therapies
Herbalist. Artist. Foodie. Art= Meditation
Work and life evoke meaning, beauty, transcendence, and most importantly... a creative process. For me art is meditation. I feel and see the poetic nature of the piece while seamlessly instructing the class through all senses: verbal cues, music and themes.
I am passionate about music, art, nature, design, mindfulness, and wellness therapies.  I am fearless in my love for Bamboo.  I love to teach, share, and give my knowledge to others. My greatest treasure is the group of memories, lessons that  I shared with different people, at different places.
“May the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness of everyone around me.”



Green Table By Nicole Blard Nutritious & Sustainable Food

Creative cook and healthy lifestyle enthusiast. Born and raised in Costa Rica I started my passion for cooking by making breakfast to my friends at a young age. I get my inspiration by being surrounded by nature and all the tropical fruits and veggies I got from my family's farm. Bringing the freshness of the ingredients to the table was my grandmother's cooking style and now I like to call it "Green Table ." I got the opportunity to travel and explore Europe during my 20s and that allowed me to learn about their culinary culture, specifically french and mediterranean cuisines. Another big influence in my cooking technique is the fact that my father passed away due to diabetes. Since then, my only goal has been searching and creating new ways to enjoy simple, nourishing and delightful food to help people incorporate those benefits into their lifestyle.


Ming Ming

Hello, you can call me Ming Ming, as my family does.  In Chinese “Ming” is a character composed by two other characters: the sun and the moon.  It depicts the light that arises in eureka moments and it depicts a balance between the feminine and masculine aspect of light.  

A lover of cultures, travel, languages, stories, a foodie, chocoholic with Costa Rican coffee and Chinese tea running through my veins.  Curiosity and the thirst for expansion and a deeper knowledge of self has led me to study  of psychology, astrology, metaphysics, holistic healing, feng shui and spirituality amongst others.  A communicator, blogger and translator with a fascination to decipher the intangible and perceive the imperceptible.

Website: mingliving.com