Mandala Coffee

Carbon Neutral. Specialty Coffee with intention.


We want to return to the essence of “coffee”.  This sacred grain tells a story and connects us to our ancestors, memories, friends, family, and ourselves. In a way, it’s a ritual, a meditation with yourself or others.

MANDALA hand in hand with several producers from CoopeDota, looking forward with FAITH, is proud to guarantee the best coffee for discerning palates offering a CARBON NEUTRAL coffee with intention. Environmentally friendly, which generates significant achievements in marketing our grain of gold.

Our beans are hand-picked, hand-roasted in small batches every day, by a master (or mistress) roaster at Coopedota in Costa Rica.


In 2011, our CoopeDota brothers were certified first carbon neutral, coffee of quality and, net emissions of carbon dioxide obtained from the plantation to the cup.

Our production is environmentally friendly through projects that replace 95% firewood for coffee husk, reduces electricity consumption by 35%, water consumption by 80%, discharges into the river as ordinary waste recycling and very importantly, used as organic fertilizer.

More than a coffee, Mandala Coffee is the vehicle through which we want to convey unity and the idea that all of us are ONE. Offering a new way of drinking, savoring and enjoying coffee.