Your Astrological Mandala - You are not just your Sun Sign

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Astrology has long been used as a tool for predictions , charged with a series of connotations that somehow made us feel that  life was pre-destined, pre-written somehow, that we the completeness of who we are can be described in just sign.  Or at least, that was the perception of what astrology was.  

Astrology is a symbolic language and astrologers are but interpreters of these symbols, many.

For most of us, when we think about astrology the image of us scavenging for the horoscope appears.  There is this charm about horoscopes that even though we somehow know it might be generic we simply still need to read it, only to prove the prediction had nothing to do with us.
Astrology is a symbolic language and astrologers are but interpreters of these symbols.

Truth is, you are not just your sun sign and your life is still in the making, you are the representation of a whole Universe conformed by the energies that were present at the moment of your birth, it is not a forecast set on stone.  You are a magnificent being and these energies in your Astrological Mandala relate to each other in different ways, which in turn will express in your reality.  But there is no fixed outcome, for you can either choose to  vibrate with the positive qualities of each planet and sign or with the qualities on the other scope of the spiral.   The key is you, and the road to understand the energies that come into play is consciousness.

For example, by being conscious of the way you react when your fears arise can shine a light on the mechanisms of your natal moon.  By observing how you react and choosing to observe that pattern so closely and step out, you can tap into the talents of your natal moon.  

What is so marvelous about seeing your astral chart as the mandala of your inner universe is that is ever changing and evolving, it is a map that gives us a glimpse into the unique life that is unfurling at any given moment.  If you think of it, our astrological mandala is formed by a complete circle, divided into 12 sections which we call houses and each house is marked by a sign, thus we are not just the sign where our sun is, we have the energy of all 12 signs whether you have planets in each house or not. There is not an area the will not be touched during your lifetime with energetic events (transits) that will trigger the development of your talents, the revealing of your purpose and your real self.

As an astrological language reader, I invite you to delve into the different energies that you express consciously and unconsciously and take the step towards understanding your astrological mandala, for richness and surprises await.  Namaste.


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