Yoga and Meditation: Capricorn Full Moon by Samara Kate

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This previous month has been an inward dive of soul exploration and nurturing. The Solstice taking us in, wrapping us up in darkness so we can explore the vast and intricate webs of our soul intertwining within our Self. The new moon in Cancer asked us to nurture our soul, taking time and space to show up for ourselves in loving ways.

After this period of nurturing comes this Capricorn Full Moon. The planets and moon have lead us through a beautiful cycle from the inward exploration of our truth and inward nurturing energies to align with our hearts. Capricorn is here with a jolt of inspiration, drive and creativity to say its time to explore ways to offer a piece of our truth, a piece of our soul out into the physical world. But this is no easy feat. We have a lot of self-gathering, exploring and healing to do.

“Spirituality is a process of rediscovery, and with Saturn square Neptune we can’t afford to keep our divine identity separate from our earthly one.” – Jessica Shepherd

The moon is illuminating the messy darkness and patterns that need resolving. There feels to be a sense of urgency as there are some powerful shifts coming to blossom us open, but only if we commit to our hearts now. This part of the cycle isn’t always easy, but it is so worth it to reap the beautiful blooms that occur after the digging, planting and nurturing cycle of your hearts desires is completed.

It is a sweet combination of continuing to explore the shadows but now being a bit more cut throat with shedding what no longer aligns with our soul. To align inspiration with our hearts desires and create from soul evokes a purging of the last pieces that are holding us back from doing so. It’s a time to explore the deeply embedded patterns that continue to surface into our awareness and finally break through to weave soul deeper into our being.

Reflect on any patterns that have surfaced for you recently that have evoked emotions of anger, sadness, frustration or a sense of being stuck. Be mindful of playing back into these patterns with your previous familiar habits. These emotions are like the branches to a deeply rooted pattern within our psyches. Until we do some digging to find the poisonous soil we have dug our roots into, we will not be able to shift our roots back into more fertile, loving and nurturing soil.  The surfacing of these patterns is like the Universe pointing a finger to what you need to change, where you need to dig and handing you the shovel to do the work.

Find the parts of you that have strayed from your truth, the roots that have branched off into spaces, projects, relationships or habits that drain your energy and disconnect you from your soul. The negative patterns always arise from roots that are planted in poisonous soil. As you shift or weed out these soul sucking roots, continue to come back to your foundation of love, of doing the work out of the highest respect and honouring of your soul. When we channel our energy to align with our soul, we can easily illuminate the roots that do not nurture the energy of soul.

As old patterns resurface, disconnect from the temptation of feeling into the experience as being familiar, as having been there before, and replaying the pattern out again in familiar ways. Instead step back, see this pattern as a new experience with a sense of curiosity as how to navigate your way through. Recognise that from moment to moment you are continuously evolving and growing. That this seemingly familiar experience is actually unfamiliar to the new depths of soul you are now moving from. This is your gateway to weave soul into new depths of your being.

While it may seem like a confronting and dark time, shift your perspective to gratitude. Gratitude that these deeply embedded patterns are weaving into your awareness, and from there into the sorting pile, what can we change and what do we need to get rid of all together? 

Use your heart as the filter, the honoring of your soul to guide you in what to chuck and what to shift.

Have your desires act as a sift, only allowing that which honors your desires to sift into your life.

What is your next bold step forward? What is your soul calling you to do? Hold that dream, hold that intention, while you dig through your psyche and chuck out all that doesn’t hum on that same high vibration of your soul expression.

Get earthy and real about your situation. Is there anything that disconnects or feels icky to your soul?

Your home environment, your work environment, the way you earn money, the way you think about money, the relationships you have, the ways in which you feed your soul and how/what you invest your time and energy. Evaluate everything through the filter of your heart.

In the depths of your heart you know what you need to shift and what you need to shed. Sometimes it requires an inner energetic shift, a shift in perspective and way of being, and other times it requires a shedding. Sit with your beating heart, close your eyes and breathe into your heart space, it is there you will find the guidance of your soul.

Now it not a time to hold back. Your inner wisdom might be asking you to create big shifts or shed some serious stuff. However scary, however big of a leap it may seem, follow it wholeheartedly. The energies are asking you to create space for a huge period of birthing that we are approaching within the next few months.

From this space of nurturing we now begin to emerge into the new cycle of nurturing our hearts desires to soon come into fruition.

Capricorn is an earth sign and there is no better medicine right now than sinking into mamma earth.

Imagine yourself as the seed after the Winter Solstice burrowed you deep into the darkness. Now is the time to analyze the soil in which you are embedded. You are at the beginning stages of immense growth. Create the soil from that which will nurture you roots, set your strong foundations and detach from anything that plays no part in the evolution of your soul, begin to point yourself in the direction you want to grow and follow that path wholeheartedly.


Asato Maa Sad Gamaya (lead me from the unreal to the real)

Tamaso Maa Jyotir Gamaya (walk me from the darkness to the light)

Mrtyor Ma Amrtam Gamaya (lead me from the mortal to that which is eternal)

Beautiful interpretation by Clara Roberts-Oss:

May I connect to what is true, what is authentic and may the rest fall away.

May I honor all aspects of myself as I walk towards the light.

May I connect to that which is infinite, unchanging, within and without.

Yoga and Meditation:

Start your practice by staying low to the earth. Lay in child’s pose, connect to the beating of your heart and sync with the pulsations of the earth as she holds you. Flow in waves, cobra in repetitions of 3, spinal waves in repetitions of 3 before moving into down dog and sinking your hands and feet into the earth beneath you. Begin with low lunge (lowered back knee) sun salutations and stay for a few breaths, your finger tips connecting to the heavens and the earth pulling in your feet and your hips as you sink through your legs and rise up through your torso. Gradually move into warrior poses, gently push down through your feet and feel your strength. Align this strength with the desire of your heart, the drive you have to follow your soul wholeheartedly.

Sit in meditation and place your hands on your solar plexus (3 fingers width below the navel). Call all your energy back into your body. Begin to sink into the centre of your being, at the very core of you. From this pulsation of power in your belly, sink your energy down into your root chakra and beneath your sit-bones into Mama Earth.  Instead of pushing your roots into Earth, allow the her to effortlessly draw your roots deeper into earth. Surrender and allow her pull to take your roots deeper and deeper. Ask for guidance, ask your soul to guide you to know where you need to plant your roots within your life. Ask to be guided to know that which is true to you, that which you need to commit to and that which you need to let go of.

Credit: Samara Kate



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