Thank You, Alchemic Scorpio

by Misha

We are in the midst of Scorpio season marked with an incredible new moon on the 30th October.  A moon that touched so many deep strings in our psyche, it is  heavenly synchronicity that it coincided with celebrations such as Samhain.  This year it felt like if the moon had an agreement to delve deep and to allow all deeply ingrained patters to surface so that we can observe, integrate and release what is long due.   It is an act of honoring our ancestors, the stories that we carry in our DNA and having the courage to  bring them to light.  It was a calling to transform generational patters we do not want to repeat anymore.


We have labeled Scorpios with shady words, such as intense and manipulative.  We think of them as people who can absorb your time and energy and who we need to be careful with because hey they can “sting" back at you.  We misjudge them by believing we cannot trust them because they can be so secretive about what hey think and feel that we really do not know what is happening in their subconscious "underworld".   To some extent, those qualities are indeed related to Scorpio but as you already know, there is a set of gifts when Scorpio has descended to the depths of the underworld and merged with light.


Transformation, merging, transmutation, these are impressive gifts that the bearers of this sign possess. Scorpio does not fear darkness, the messy stuff or messy emotions.  They have like an inner compass to the underworld where others do not even dare to take a step towards the edge.  They have the courage to look into the darkness.  Any darkness, you can call it darkness of the soul,  depression, the unconscious, mysteries, taboo... Scorpio dares to tread where others don’t.  This amazing gift , to plunge into the profound waters of emotions and the psyche, the unknown and the ability to release and let go allows for true merging.  And in that action of selflessness the magic of alchemy  occurs.  Thus a monstrous dragon surrenders to death and rises as a fire phoenix.  


In this world we are in dire need of Scorpio energy.  With this energy we are invited to  feel our pain, to face our demons, to embrace our shadow, to talk about what nobody dares to talk because it leaves us vulnerable ... because it makes us feel shame.  For it is by stepping into this threshold that we can let go and allow true healing to occur. This healing starts with the personal onto the collective. 


This new moon in Scorpio brought just that, people are becoming more conscious about what is not told, our scars as wounded child/women/men surfaced.  Themes regarding to all the burdens that we carry whether personal, cultural or even historical popped up.  By bringing all of those untold stories, undealt with emotions, we let go of the illusion of control and surrender to love and acceptance.  We step into the space where alchemic healing occurs, we sever those strings so in freedom we can re-build our lives and future with love.


The full moon in Taurus brings the cycle that started with the new moon in Scorpio to culmination. Those themes that have been surfacing come to a closure in a way that is tangible, physical, palpable and very real.   A Scorpio friend, longed to finally sever ties with her past and manifested a new abode which she is celebrating with this new moon in Taurus.  She feels much more secure and protected and feels she can nurture her family in a more authentic way.  A moon in Scorpio in the 4th house of family, stability and tribe has been working relentlessly with inherited mindsets of fear in relation to sustenance and vocation.  By this full moon in Taurus she has manifested a job which is her stepping stone to all her creative projects.  


In which area of your life do you feel has gone through a transformation lately?  


What is that which lurks deep in your heart and is looking for a resolution ?


The invitation is to learn from the alchemic process of Scorpio.


On a side note, Scorpio rules the unconscious, sex, shared energy and resources.  Sigmund Freud, the father of Psychoanalysis and the first person to talk about the unconscious, his ascendant is Scorpio.  His moon in Gemini is located 8th house which is ruled by Scorpio too.  He verbalized  and documented the world that was hidden from us.  His legacy is vast,  he has given us a glimpse into our psyche, and mapped it out for us.  In his work he touched topics such as  repressed feelings, needs and sexuality which were labeled as taboo.



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