Discover the Energy of Libra in your Astrological Mandala

by Admin Admin

Since every astrological mandala contains all 12 signs of the zodiac, each sign will give us a hint of how we express an area of our lives.  In order to tap into that energy I will invite you to follow us every month so that together we can explore and feel the energy of each sign and in the process, manifest the potential and talents of each sign.

We chose to start with Libra for it is a great way to acknowledge you, our Mandala Coffee lover, our Mandala Chocoholic, our Mandala Jewelry energy uplifter, our beloved community whom we share this sacred space online.  Also, this is Libra season, so to all our Libra friends we hope you have an amazing year where you can delightfully dance from one side to the other and enjoy the bliss within.  Shall we dance?

Libra is the first sign in an astrological mandala where another being comes into the evolutive consciousness of self, it is total opposite of Aries wherein the “I” is all that there is.  Libra is about “us”, about how you and me described as “we” can reach a middle ground or balance, but this middle ground is just a point and this point of balance can vanish at any moment in time.   By acknowledging another “one” Libra is all about taking two to tango. Thus the energy of libra is that of a dancer in the quest to find that mythical balanced point in each interaction, in the environment, in a piece of art, in time…  

An air sign, Libra moves swiftly from one pole (feminine) to the other pole (masculine) while finding satisfaction in a balance point.  Venus rules Libra and thus to find the perfect harmony of colors, textures, shapes, energy, light and words are talents innate of those born under this sign.  Beauty for a Libra is that perfect balance that they look forward to achieve in every single detail.  Professions related to Libra include: interior designers, fashion designers, negotiators, ambassadors, events organizers, match makers, judges, dancers, choreographers, musicians, dermatologists and more.   

How can you vibrate in a higher octave of the energy of Libra?  Libras love freedom, and they love to have a wide range of choices wherein they can float from one option to the other, however at some point a decision must be taken and if the “flight or fight” catches them up they might postpone that decision for too long.  The search for perfection might become such an impulse that nothing is satisfactory and the search becomes the goal instead of the process.  To tap into the talents of Libra it is important to understand that perfection does not exist and that balance is impermanent, that making a decision doesn’t need to mean losing freedom but instead the stepping stone of a dream.  Libras are invited to let go of the illusion of permanent balance and instead embrace nature of the feminine and masculine energies which spiral together beautifully in an eternal dance. 


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